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Wolga Wilsede Meeting

Idea 1988-History

Wolga Meeting

Discussion of the ideae of an joint Wilsede Meeting on the Wolga June 23 1988 in Buchholz

Elena Frolova, Joseph Chertkov, Elena Elsner, Hanne-Lore Neth, Rolf Neth, Alexander Friedenstein, Boris Afanasiev.

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Special Lectures: Yuri_Ovchinnikov

Ivanov VT ( 1992 )
In Memoriam Prof. Yuri Ovchinnikov
Haematol. Bluttransf. Vol 35 : XXXIII-XXIV

Ivanov VT Nesmeyanov VA (1992 )
Prof. Yuri Ovchninnikov
Haematol. Bluttransf. Vol 35 : XXXV - XXXIX

Rowly JD ( 1992 )
Human Leukemia Genes : Search for the Villains
Haematol. Bluttransf. Vol 35 : XL-XLVI

Gallo RC Nerurkar LS ( 1992 )
Human Retroviruses: Linkage to Leukemia and AIDS
Haematol. Bluttransf. Vol 35 : XLVII-LXVII

Reflections 2005

Elena Frolova, Shemyakin and Ovchinnikov Institut of Bioorganic Chemistry, Moscow wmv movie, 4 MB

Chernobyl Wilsede Meeting